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A high-quality metallizing service

MR Industries’ turnkey service ensures maximum protection of your parts from various types of wear – abrasion, erosion, friction – and from corrosion. With metallizing, you benefit from a major upgrade.

Benefits of metallizing parts:

  • Extended life of new and used parts
  • Increase in equipment efficiency
  • Protection against corrosion, erosion, oxidation and impact
  • Worn surfaces are restored

Our coating processes:

  • HVAF spraying (for denser coatings than conventional HVOF)
  • Metallization of metallurgical bonding (for more flexible coatings that can withstand temperature variations)
  • Use of various carbides and metallic coatings (to rebuild and solidify all types of parts)

Coatings used:

  • Metallic (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and hard metals)
  • Carbides (tungsten, chrome, etc.)
  • CCeramics (oxides of alumina, zircon, chrome, titanium, etc.)

All metals can be metallized, with no exceptions!

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