MR Industries can tackle your most challenging projects.

MR Industries’ mission is simple:

To offer you high-quality machining of parts, whatever their size, at the best possible price, while keeping to schedule. To deliver on our promise, our team of certified experts has access to equipment that is specially adapted for large parts, mechanically welded or not.

Specializing in the highest quality

Since 1985, MR Industries has developed advanced expertise in machining, metallization, welding of large parts, and retrofitting of machine tools. These high-precision services have been used by the most demanding players in the steel, aluminum, forestry, paper, energy, chemical and mining industries.

A rigorous commitment makes all the difference

In our view, a successful machining project has to be accurate to three decimal places. That’s why MR Industries makes a point of constantly improving its practices, manufacturing procedures and quality control. Our aim is to deliver your project with the greatest possible efficiency, rigour and precision, no matter what the challenge.

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